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Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions which can cause permanent vision loss due to damage to the Optic nerve. The main risk factor is increased intraocular pressure (eye fluid pressure). Sometimes even normal or low pressure can cause nerve damage. It is also known as Kala Motiya काला मोतिया, Jhaamar ઝામર or Kaach Bindu काचबिंदू.

What Happens in Glaucoma?

If diagnosed timely it can be treated either by medications or lasers, and vision can be saved.

There is a derangement in the circulation of fluid inside the eye – either the drainage of fluid is slow due blocked outflow channels or the outflow is compromised due to shallow space, leading to raised eye pressures. Because of raised IOP (sometimes with normal or even low IOP), the optic nerve gets compromised causing initially loss of peripheral field of vision and eventually blindness. Hypermetropia (far sightedness), family history of glaucoma, steroid intake, Diabetes are some associated risk factors.

It is recommended that anyone who has family history or above 40 years of age should get regular glaucoma screening done.

Glaucoma Symptoms

It is called silent disease, as in the majority of cases there are no symptoms. Symptoms usually occur in advanced stages.


Loss of field of Vision


Blurry Vision




Treatment Options

Eye Drops

Laser Iridotomy

Glaucoma Drainage Surgery

Valve/Tube Implant Surgery


If you have a positive family history or are above 40 years of age, there is higher risk of developing glaucoma. Other factors are
Steroid intake
Eye injuries
Hypertension, Sleep apnea, Diabetic retinopathy
Hyperopia, Myopia
Advanced cataract

If there is family history, risk of developing glaucoma increases by around 30%. Anyone who has a family history should get regularly eye check for glaucoma done.

Glaucoma is a silent disease. Usually in early stages there are no symptoms. Symptoms develop only in advanced stages. Only in case of acute angle glaucoma, patient may present in emergency with complaints of sudden pain, redness and defective vision. It then needs immediate and aggressive treatment.

Glaucoma can be of two types of glaucoma.
Primary Open angle glaucoma, where the out flow channels are either clogged or closed. Closed angle glaucoma – where the anterior chamber is shallow causing reduced outflow and raised pressure

Glaucoma is an irreversible disease. If detected early, it can be treated easily by medications in form of drops or laser (in some cases). Regular check-up and monitoring is important to prevent vision loss. In advanced cases, not responding to medical treatment, surgery may be needed.

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